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Ever since he was young, Simplicity’s founder Joe Acree has been fascinated with the future of technology and loved to mess with electronics. He was fueled by science fiction movies that predicted how technology would impact and change the way we live. Joe found his way into telecommunications engineering and design to build cellular phone infrastructure and create the transmission of computer information from one place to another. For 15 years, he designed and implemented high technology systems and infrastructure at several levels, from technician to overseeing engineering divisions within corporations.

In 2008, a layoff impacted Joe and his team, which led Joe to start Simplicity. Simplicity’s one principle focus was to develop and engineer smart home automation solutions. Like Joe does in every aspect of life, the goal was, and still is, to push residential technology it as far as he can. Even after finding full-time work, the company he started was necessary to pay for out-of-pocket expenses for his son’s Autism therapy as it was not covered by health insurance at the time. This is what fueled Joe to devote his time and commitment to his team to provide a future for all his employees.

In 2012 with the growth of the industry, a demand for smart home solutions, and advances in technology, Simplicity became a full-time entity. Staff and support for the growth was a big part of Simplicity’s success creating a team that carries forward its mission: Smarter Homes, Simpler Life – home automation technology should enhance and support your environment in a simple and reliable way.

Simplicity is proud to offer smart home automation services to the greater Kansas City area for over 10 years and counting, with two locations in Stilwell and Overland Park, Kansas.


Simplicity crestron elite pro dealer awards.

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