Controlled Lighting

Create the Ideal Atmosphere

We can offer custom-engineered lighting automation and control solutions to enhance or change the mood of your home to suit the occasion.

You have the ability to set a lighting scene for all the areas of your home, have your outdoor lighting follow the sunrise and sunset patterns, or have the lighting automatically dim when you start a movie or watch TV. The possibilities are endless.

We can even trigger your lighting to automatically activate if uninvited activity is detected. Let Simplicity engineer the best lighting solution to fit the way you live.

Smart Lighting Integration

Smart lighting also contributes to a safe environment by linking with your security system to turn lights on if uninvited activity is detected. New construction or if you’re ready for an upgrade, let us fashion a smart lighting solution perfect for you.

Designer Shades and Shade Control

Automate Your Windows

Control your shades with the touch of a button. Using the Crestron system, you can save time from manually opening and closing the blinds on every window in your home.

Temperature Control

Effortless Temperature Control

Temperatures in the Midwest can swing from hot to cold and back to hot again in a single day. Why not put some automated intelligence behind it?

We can tie all of your climate control into a single easy to use app, along with the rest of your systems and environmental controls. Your home can even adjust to your ideal temperature based on you being in the room.

Audio & Video Distribution

Entertainment Anywhere, Anytime

Audio and Video Distribution means you can enjoy all of your music and video media easily connected together in any location throughout your home. Imagine having the choices of any video source (cable boxes, Blu-Ray Players, video streamers) easily available with a single press of a button on one remote control.

Enjoy the full sensory experience of the latest video technology with the touch of a button on your app or remote. Your display comes alive and your surround sound fully engages you in the moment, and you no longer have to keep audio and video equipment in every room you wish to use them. Combined with lighting and shades, the lighting will dim, and the shades will come down. One simple button press for the entire experience.

Great Entertainment For the Outdoors

Relax poolside while enjoying your favorite music playlists. The crystal clear sound can originate from beautifully, strategically placed landscape speakers that cover your new patio or the entire perimeter of your backyard. 

Streaming Services

Listen to Your Favorites At Any Moment

Do you Enjoy Apple Music, Pandora, Netflix, XM/Sirius, Local Radio, Local Radio from anywhere? Let us put together systems in your entire home for you to enjoy these sources everywhere.

Home Theater

Home Theater Installation

A dedicated home theater brings the experience of watching a movie or enjoying a game at home to a whole new level. Great seating and superior sound creates that special opportunity that is all your own. WE LOVE HOME THEATERS. Let us design and install a Dolby Atmos 4K home theater for you. You may never go out to the movies again.

A home theater installation by Simplicity will be customized to your lifestyle and sound preference, all while bringing your favorite entertainment to life in the comfort of your own home, the way it is meant to be.

Security & Surveillance

Smart Home Security

We will customize the right level of security to serve your needs. We offer monitoring with competitive rates and several levels of packages.

When coupled with a personalized lighting system, you’re able to activate all the lighting in your home or motion activate the lighting for specific security reasons so you and your family feel as safe as possible.

Smart Door Locks

Wouldn’t it be great to have your doors automatically lock? Or if you could unlock them remotely to let someone in?

Remove the hassle of having to carry a set of house keys with programmable door codes and lock and unlock your doors from any touch screen in the house or remotely via a computer or mobile device.

Video Surveillance

With a whole home surveillance system around your home you can monitor activities regardless of your location.

Your security system can be monitored from central monitoring and alert you via text or email of anything you wish to be notified of – water leaks, fire, intrusion. Arm and disarm your system from anywhere.

Say goodbye to false alarms and know what caused an actual alarm so you can take action quickly. We want you to have the ability to monitor your home security efficiently and stress-free. 

Indoor and Outdoor Living

Enjoy The Experience From Anywhere

We take the outdoor living space to a whole new level of enjoyment. Would you like to watch movies on your back patio with amazing sound? How about enough sound to fill the largest of yards with amazing clarity at any level?  

We take amazing pride in the sound and enjoyment we can enhance your outdoor entertaining environment without compromise.

Whole House Wi-Fi

Deliver Fast and Secure WiFi to Every Room

With internet access being as important as electricity and water in the home, let Simplicity make sure you have the very best options available to be able to access the internet for work, school, entertainment, anywhere in your home.

We only deploy the best solutions. We always say, you won’t notice when you have great internet access, but you will notice when you do not.