Home Theater Installation

Take your movies, sports, and gaming to new heights. A home theater installation by Simplicity will be customized to your lifestyle and sound preference, all while bringing your favorite entertainment to life in the comfort of your own home, the way it is meant to be.

This environment will create an experience in which the sound of music, dialogue, and action is crystal clear and will impact all your senses. Simplicity uses Dolby Atmos speakers, the top-of-the-line way to enjoy a home theater. This surround sound system brings the action off the screen and into your home, making it feel like you’re really there. 

Simplicity’s home theaters bring the experience of a movie theater into your own space. In combination with movie theater quality sound through Dolby Atmos, Simplicity can install extra large screens in your entertainment room at a size of your choice. No need to visit the movie theaters when you have the sound and size of a theater in your smart house.

Our home theaters don’t stop at the screen. Transform the whole room with automated lighting. From the guided floor lights, to the window shades, to the lights on the walls and ceiling, custom lighting will transform completely transform your smart home. Whenever you’re ready to start watching a show, Simplicity’s Crestron system will let you dim the lights, roll down the shades, and start the movie all in one place at your fingertips. Enjoy your next movie night under the stars with Simplicity’s twinkling star fields, complete with shooting stars! This feature brings a unique touch to your home that both children and adults will love. 

Let Simplicity help you design and install your dream theater. The entire theater can be integrated into one easy-to-control system that incorporates lighting, incredible sound, and an amazing picture.

Let’s put in a Dolby Atmos system today!

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